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Municipality mersch – heart of luxembourg

It doesn’t matter how you will arrive in Mersch, as hiker, on your bike, by car or by train, Mersch municipality, situated in the geographical center of Luxembourg, welcomes its visitors with a diversity on touristic, cultural, sportive and natural attractions, which you will admire. The possibilities to stay overnight differ from hotel until and including Camping, depending on your preferences and budget.

To the West, a very huge “Menhir”, a 3 meters high sandstone from the stone age, 4500 years old, arises on a hill, directly besides a very old chapel, called “Eenelter”. Both sights are located in the small village of Reckange. Once a year in September, a special “Eenelter” market, a traditional market for arts, handicraft and local products, is held in the historical center of this village.

During Roman times, Mersch was called “Marisca”. Other witnesses of bygone times can be seen all over the place: both the Town Hall and a museum have their seat in the Middle Age castle. During summer, you will find the tourist information office in the tower of Saint Michael. This tower is the last part of the earlier village church. The current church stands out through his neo classical building style.

Both the castle of Schoenfels, with its mighty defensive tower, and the castle of Pettingen bear witness of the medieval architecture in and around our community.

The art- and culture city Mersch is also the residence of the National Literature Center and in Mersch also exists a House of Culture of national importance.

For relaxation and leisure time, we have the city park with lake and playground for young and old, as well as the Aqua Center Krounebierg, where swimming sports and swim fun can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The description of Mersch cannot be complete without mentioning the other sightseeing attractions of the surroundings: for example, the legendary Mamerleeën caves, the leisure area Hunnebour, the discovery way near the Gousselerberg, the greenbelt of the forest in Pëtten and much more.